Know All About Suspension Types in Electric Chain Hoist

Electric hoists and chains are widely used all across different industries. The critical heavy lifting jobs that seemed quite difficult earlier have become quite easy because of these hoists and chains. There are a lot of leading manufacturers and suppliers like MIT Hoists & Cranes who manufacture these cranes and chains and make them available online.

Hence, you can discuss the quotation of the product and get the perfect chain hoists sitting in your home. All you need to do is connect one of these suppliers and you will get all the necessary help needed.

Before you buy any electric chain hoist it is good to know its working and functionality. The way the chain hoists work, what are the important parameters etc. This information will help you work with the best quality hoist that will lead your industry to the path of growth and productivity.

So, let us discuss and know about different suspension types that are commonly available in electric chain hoists. This will also help you understand which suspension type is good for your industry. Let us have a look:

Two Common Suspension Types:

Commonly there are two suspension types which most of the manufacturers used in the manufacturing the chain hoist. These are:

  • Hook Mount
  • Lug Mount

Hook Mount:

In the hook, mount suspension type for electric hoists as the name suggest a hook is attached to the rolling device which is responsible for suspension. It is then with the help of this hook the chain hoist is lifted.

In hook type suspension for electric chain hoist as well one get two options related to the types of suspension. The one uses the rigid hook, whereas the other swivel hook. Hence, while one buy electric chain hoist it is important to determine which hook type to be used.

When it comes to rigid hook it will fix the electric chain hoist and restrict any kind of rotator movement. Hence, when the still mounting is required this proves beneficial. On the other hand, using the swivel hook it is possible to rotate the chain hoist as per the requirements.

Hence, depending on the functioning required one can choose the type of chain required for this purpose.

Lug Suspension:

For a fixed limited use of electric chain hoists this kind of suspension is highly useful. Hence, whenever there is a need for chain hoists to be rigid and be easily mountable with few nuts and bolts to the trolley then this kind of suspension is preferred.

Hence, according to the requirements while you buy electric chain hoist decide which suspension style chain you would want to use. Also, this lug suspension is commonly available and you will find it easily in most of the chain hoists.

This was all about two common suspension styles in electric chain hoists. If you are still having issues choosing the suitable electric chain hoist please connect us. Our expert advisors team will be glad to help.

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