Fighting Common Crane Failure Issues by Jib Crane Manufacturers

With jib cranes, overhead cranes etc sometimes common problems occur while functioning in industries. These problems with jib cranes does not occur because there is some issue with their manufacturing but usually because while working with them some important parameters were ruled out.

These little problems can always be taken care of. So, let us hear out from the leading suppliers and manufacturers about these common problems and ways to fight the same:

Wear & Tear of End Truck Wheel:

The excessive wear and tear of the end truck wheel is the common problem in jib cranes as suggested by the leading jib crane manufacturers. This is quite normal and obvious as the wheel is put to continuous use.

This problem can be taken care of by the regular check and inspection of the end truck wheel as stated by leading jib crane suppliers. This will not only increase the life of the wheel but also the life of the crane and lead it towards better performance.

Wire & Rope Damage:

One of the most commonly found issues in cranes is the damaging or tearing of the wires or the roped in the crane system. This not only brings down the performance of the crane but is also quite dangerous and might cause accidents.

The damaging of wire never happens in a single day. It is exposure to corrosion for the long period of time that initiates this. So, crane kits manufacturers always suggest check out for these well in advance.

Make sure that there is no such damage and if it is there, remove it well in advance before any mishap occurs. Even the best light crane system in China can cause this problem if not properly maintained or looked out.

Hook Bending:

It has been noticed that quite often the hooks in the crane might get bend when subjected to heavy loads. This might result in serious accident if ignored. Hence, leading crane kits manufacturers suggest to do regular check and replacement on these crucial components.

Hence, follow the advice and replace the hook before they cause any serious damage or fall. Always remember prevention is better than cure.

Runway Issues & Tracks:

If the runway or the track are not in proper alignment look for them and clear the issue before any mishap occurs. Now, the question arises is to how to know is there is a problem with the track?

Well, it is quite easy. While the crane movement if you and kind of strange scraping noise, or found problems with the movement of the wheel then the track definitely needs to be checked once.

The above mentioned are common issues that occur with cranes and taking care of them help prevention from big accidents. Hence, always make sure that with the jib crane in your industry you do not face any such kind of problems. And, if it is so, it gets solved easily.

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