Digital Crane Scale

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Digital Crane Scale
Digital Crane Scale

This digital crane scale is sure to give accurate results. Its one of the biggest advantages is the 360° rotate hook which makes it easier to see and understand the reading shown by the crane scale.

We also provide multiple weighing units in thus scale for further ease. One can see the weights in Kg, Lb and Newton in this scale. Also, it comes with an amazing feature that can regulate the acceleration of gravity. Hence, is the perfect choice for your industry.

  • Detail Specification
  • Technical Parameters
  • Rotating hook: 360° safe rotated hook, convenient to use.
  • Enclosure: NEMA 12/IP54 powder coated foundry cast aluminum.
  • Multi-weighing units: Kg, Lb, Nowton are selectable, kg are default unit.
  • Multi-function operation: Tare, zero, auto zero tracking, total, hold peak hold, overload warning and record, operated through infrared remote controller.
  • User-friendly design: Large red 5 digit LED display (digit height 30mm), Battery Operated with low battery indication, Automatic turn off, power-saving function.
  • Gravity regulation: The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through remote controller according to different places value.
  • Multi options: RS-232-continuous or on demand data output, user-selectable.
Model Cap.(kg) Resolution (kg) N.W (kg)
MCS-SF003 30 0.01 0.95
MCS-SF005 50 0.02 0.95
MCS-SF01 100 0.05 0.95
MCS-SF015 150 0.05 0.95
MCS-SF02 200 0.1 0.95
MCS-SF03 300 0.1 0.95