Important Things to Know Before Using Permanent Magnet Lifter

Magnet lifters have proved to be of great help in several industries. Heavy magnets can be easily lifted by just triggering a switch with the help of this classic magnet permanent lifter. These lifters are usually made of strong magnets so as to get the best of all the properties.

Working of this Magnet Lifter:

And, not only magnetic objects other heavy objects which can be attracted by magnets also can be lifted up by these magnets. The working phenomenon of these magnet lifters involve strong neodymium magnets that get magnetized while the switch is off.

As soon as the switch is on, the magnet with its strong magnetic properties attracts the necessary objects according to the requirements. This is why these lifters are used in several industries all across the world.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other interesting things about permanent magnet lifters. Let us have a look at them:

Safety Measures:

According to the leading permanent magnet lifter manufacturers, it is essential to follow the safety measures with magnet lifters. This is necessary because of the strong properties of the magnet in the lifters.

When you buy a permanent magnet lifter for your industry or warehouse, you get a lot of tips on using the magnet lifters. And, it is important that you follow the same. These include wearing proper hats and coats along with taking care of even the tiniest precaution to use the magnet lifter.

This will avoid any kind of accidents at the sight and keep things simple and easy. Hence, follow this advice from the leading magnet lift manufacturers and assure that all the safety parameters are taken into consideration while working with any magnet lifter.

Working Temperature:

As we discussed earlier in these magnet lifters neodymium magnets are used. And, with an increase of temperature, there is an observance of inappropriate behaviour with neodymium magnet.

At excessively hot temperatures neodymium magnet does not work properly. The safe range to remember as stated by leading permanent magnet lifter manufacturer is 80°C. Hence, keep this number in mind and work with the magnet lifter accordingly.

The Lifting Capacity:

Another important thing to keep in mind working with magnet lifter is the capacity. Different magnet lifters have different capacities of weights to be lifted. Make sure that this limit is obeyed in your industry as said by leading magnet lift manufacturers.

Hence, make sure that the lifting capacity is taken care of. A safer extra lift is better than the greed to lift little extra at once. Hence, keep these temptations away and always ensure to make a safe lift with the permanent magnet lifter in your industry.

Following these little tips will prevent all accidents and hazards. Hence, in your industry as well make sure that these little details are followed. If you want to know more about these lifters please connect us and we will be glad to share the information.

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