EW 2 Electric Winch Hoist

  • EW 2 Electric Winch Hoist
EW 2 Electric Winch Hoist

For different requirements and purposes, many industries require some specific hoists that perform the required functionalities with complete integrity and efficiency. And, so here is this EW 2 electric winch hoist that suits perfectly for this purpose.

This electric winch hoist comes with varying load capacities. Hence, for the varying requirements of your industr, it will suit perfectly.

  • Technical Parameters
  • Features
Model EW-500T EW-750T EW-1000T
Rated Capacity (kg) 500 750 1000
Rated Speed (m/min) 13 13.5
Lifting Height(m) 58
Cable Diameter(mm) Φ9 Φ11
Wire Rope Capacity (m) 60 -
Work Level M3
Motor (kw) 1.5 2.2 3
Pole 4
Voltage (v) Three phase
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
N.W.(kg) 139 150 161
Model Symbol EW-500T EW-750T EW-1000T
A 4-Φ14 4-Φ18
B 400
C 330
D 922 935
E 372
F 430
G 240
H Φ140
  • It adopts planet gears transmission way. Coupling leads the drum directly. And it's very easy to replace rejected wire rope or change the rotation direction of wire rope.
  • Add one PT screw on the drum, it's safer than normal wire rope fixing. It can ensure no escape of wire rope from the drum.
  • It adopts electromagnetism brake. Select wearable brake slice. It's very simple, no need to adjust the clearance. Brake will automatically apply in the event of power cut. It can control the drop distance of heavy load, safe and reliable.
  • Insulated B, with the features of big start torque, small inertia, lower temperature rise, it can work frequently for a long time.
  • Made of high-quality steel. Pass heat treatment and high precision process. It has the features of wearable, low noise, high driving efficiency and good performance.
  • Standard channel steel welded. It's convenient used for building site, storage and port, etc.